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Culture, Team and People

Transforming Teams: What small businesses can learn from the world of Premiership Rugby

In small businesses, as in rugby, having a close-knit team is absolutely vital to success. When faced with tough competition, or stretched resources, having a culture of shared responsibility makes all the difference. Smaller businesses, like smaller rugby players, move faster than their larger counterparts. What further insights can SMBs take from the Premiership?

"It's something you need to be able to feel... something you need to be able to hear in everyone's language, everyone should be aligned and be able to articulate what the vision is and know what they stand for."

- Todd Blackadder, Director of Rugby, Bath Rugby

Digital transformation can be easier for smaller organisations, who are able to implement innovation quickly and decisively. So too can smart rugby teams recognise their natural advantages and capitalise on them. If succeeding in rugby is similar to succeeding in business, then small businesses should take heed. Those teams better suited to change and adaptation will always have the advantage. In the digital age, teams that are faster able to reach digital maturity will always keep up with their larger counterparts.

"What really impressed me about Ricoh was showing it was possible, in an affordable way, to transform an office environment physically, functionally and culturally."- IEMA Would you like to transform your business?

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Agile technology adds the advantage

Premiership Rugby clubs are always experimenting with innovative technology to stay competitive. Small businesses are able to experiment too, without the attached risk that a slower-moving large enterprise would face. In modern rugby, you'll find GPS devices in players' shirts to improve player tracking and apps on players' phones, focussed on keeping them match-fit.

Small businesses needn't rely on traditional office-based devices, but instead can adopt mobile devices, new tech and use this to inspire and motivate younger employees. To read our latest research on Empowering Digital Workplaces, click on the resources panel to the right, and find out how your small business can take advantage of Ricoh's latest insights.

Culture, Team and People

How to inspire and bond a team of people with a single vision. What does a rugby team stand for at its core? Watch to find out:

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