When Technology Wins

Using technology to support player welfare

Player welfare is a key consideration in today’s game, and rightly so. As the game becomes ever more competitive, there is no doubt that there is increasing strain on players’ bodies, and so looking after players physically and mentally has never been more important.

Thanks to a host of new technologies, today’s players are protected and carefully monitored to help them perform to their best abilities whist at the same time looking after their welfare. These technologies help to analyse their training, nutrition and performance to make sure that a healthy balance is maintained while performance is increased.

The pursuit for optimum performance is also applied to other aspects of the game, from looking at ways to improve the flight and feel of the ball to the playing surface on the pitch. Technology can provide gains in many areas.

“Technology can give you the marginal gains you need. So if you haven’t already started on that path, you’re going to lose out.”

Gary Gold, former Director of Rugby, Worcester Warriors

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Creating a supportive culture

The pursuit of constant improvement through technology needs to be handled carefully. This is especially relevant in a business context. New technology and processes can increase productivity and performance but just like in rugby, it’s important to ensure your workforce is supported.

New ways of working can be daunting for employees. In fact, in a recent Microsoft survey they learned that almost half of UK business leaders find that employees express a fear of change when business new processes and technologies are introduced.

Business leaders should reflect on the wellbeing of their staff to ensure they can keep up with the demands being made of them. This often requires new processes and approaches that encourage reflection and feedback sharing. You can read more about how businesses can create an ‘open culture’ – one that encourages staff to experiment with technology and processes in order to share and learn from feedback – here.

When Technology Wins

Technology is the key player in every business and without it we risk standing still

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