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Teamwork in Rugby

Driving performance in your team through vision: the scrum mindset

Modern rugby coaches have the difficult task of motivating teams that are more varied in age than ever before. Improvements in training and rehabilitation techniques mean professional players are able to keep playing to an old age, while scouts recruit new talent to add value to their squads. This means that teams are diverse in ability, age and expectations. The modern workforce is no different. Employees of five generations are already having to adapt to a changing, digital workplace.

In the race to digital maturity, workplaces are also becoming more and more disparate. Employees on the same team are able to work on projects together, even if they are on opposite sides of the world. How can businesses make this work for every generation? Just like a good rugby coach, you must focus your team on the desire for your business to win. By creating a measurable and simple ethos, and communicating that clearly, you bring everyone together around a single shared belief.

"Culture is really important, if people aren't buying into a shared culture then you're never going to succeed."

- Sophie Bennett, Rugby Operations & Player Welfare Manager, Bath Rugby

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Communication is key

To inspire a diverse team, it's important to present a message that's universal and attainable. In rugby, this message can often be about the importance of supporting the team, and having a mindset where individuals don't want to let their colleagues down. It's about working hard for each other. For a truly unbeatable business team ethos, your message should also be about collaborating to get the job done. The latest technology enables teams to work together across the office or even across the globe. Providing opportunities to work together, learn from each other and grow as a team can be hugely beneficial.

In business, as in rugby, don't underestimate the need to build a team spirit off the pitch too. This is where the 'scrum' mindset comes in. An office 'scrum' is becoming a common workplace tactic. Unlike its rugby namesake, it involves all members of the team. Employees come together to talk about their projects and seek help where needed. This open communication could be an invaluable tool to your workplace processes. Giving employees a voice and a system of support is a further step towards making them feel valued and feeling empowered.

Culture, Team and People

How to inspire and bond a team of people with a single vision. Watch to find out:

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