The Age of Digital Information

Sharing Digital Information: Why Connectivity Leads to Success

It wasn’t long ago that businesses had to make significant investments to gain a reliable and fast connection to the internet. Today, connectivity is more affordable and presents one of the biggest business opportunities of our time. Why? Because the connectedness of devices - across your business and to the cloud - can contribute to how quickly and efficiently you share information and utilise data. The same is true in the world of Premiership Rugby.

“The resources available now for things like analysis - we’ve all got apps on our phones, there’s websites you can go on and analyse the opposition, your opposite number.”

Dylan Hartley, Northampton Saints and England Captain

Instant cloud access has given Premiership Rugby clubs the chance to really embrace digital information and data. Smartphones and apps are used widely for sharing information relevant to players’ training, nutrition and match preparation. This connectivity of systems, data and devices offers a more efficient way of sharing and digesting information; anytime and anywhere. Ultimately, this gives clubs an edge on game day and when you play in the world’s most competitive rugby union competition, this can make a crucial difference at the end of the season

To find out more about how Premiership Rugby clubs navigate the world of data, watch our latest video

Make sure your business is connected

In your business, as in modern Premiership Rugby, data should be accessible by your team from wherever they are. Data visibility will enable your employees to make more effective and informed decisions that will improve business performance. Basically, the better connected they are, the better they’re able to operate.

“Connectivity is perhaps the biggest opportunity of our time. As technology makes the world smaller, it is clear that the countries and companies that connect the best—either in terms of, say traditional infrastructure or through digital networks – are in the drivers’ seat.”

Andy Serwer, Fortune

No business can ignore the overwhelming need to improve data connectivity. That’s why Ricoh's IT Services have been helping businesses across the country to better understand, capture and manage their data. As well as this, we can enable your business to fully connect its systems and processes, to create a more efficient and productive business environment. In business, just as in rugby, it’s vital that you connect people, processes and your environment.

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The age of digital information

Want to learn more about how Premiership Rugby clubs use data? Watch our latest video:

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