The Age of Digital Information

People and Data: How to Make the Most out of the Relationship?

Data isn’t useful until it is accessible and relevant at an individual level. ‘Big Data’, a well-known buzzword, came about some years ago as companies began to realise the impact data would have on their business. However, even to this day far too many companies still spend longer collating and tracking data instead of sharing and actually using it. How can you manage this crucial relationship between data and people in your team?

Over the course of this Aviva Premiership Rugby season, we have examined how data is used in Premiership Rugby to give teams and players on-the-spot insights. From GPS units to drones, the latest technology allows players to ‘consume’ the relevant data in a meaningful way, enabling them to better understand themselves and where there is scope to improve. However, according to Tom Sherriff, Lead Sport Scientist at Saracens – it is important not to use this information as a stick to beat players with. Data is a starting point for new learning, not a punishment.

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How can you bring together your essential business information and your employees?

Data can be used to provide evidence for the changes you want to make, and base your business decisions on more than just a hunch.

“What a lot of the data will do is allow you to back up that feeling whether you’re right or wrong and I think that’s the important way of using it. It’s to make sure you don’t almost contradict yourself.”

Rob Baxter, Director of Rugby, Exeter Chiefs

Successful leaders don’t ignore their instinct. They use data to provide objective evidence for it, which in return enables them to sell in strategies and manage organisational change more effectively.

This data-based approach can be equally effective in generating employee engagement - according to the studies by the Harvard Business Review, employee engagement uplifts significantly when managers can support decisions with information.* Moreover, facts and figures can be used to celebrate milestones and recognise achievements of your team.

Ricoh has 80 years’ experience dealing with some of the world’s most complex data problems. And we’re determined to keep helping businesses maximise their potential from being more effectively connected, with processes that benefit their employees. Our Workplace Services and IT Services teams manage solutions that provide data granularity in any business.

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The age of digital information

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*How Effective Managers Use Information Systems - Harvard Business Review

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