When Technology Wins

Embracing change to stay ahead of the competition

Both rugby and business are highly competitive environments. Teams and organisations that are slow to adapt, inflexible and do not embrace the latest technologies run the risk of losing their competitive edge.

For this reason, many of the most successful teams and businesses have an ‘early adopter’ mind set; one that is not just comfortable with change but actively encourages it and is willing to invest in new technology in its quest for improved performance - with the very best often finding themselves ahead of the competition.

“We’re really excited about the role that sport can play in embracing technology,” says Andy Harland, Professor of Sports Technology, Loughborough University. “Perhaps in advance of society in general.”

To learn more about Ben Kay’s visit to Loughborough University, watch the video.

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Looking to the future

One area that coaches and researchers are keen to explore is Virtual Reality. Paul Sherratt, Senior Lecturer in Sports Technology at Loughborough University, explains: “Decision-making is incredibly difficult to coach and to learn at full speed in a game situation. And I think that’s potentially where VR could add a lot of value - by helping those players in a simulated environment make those decisions, which will make them a better player.”

We live in an age of accelerating change. New technologies and ways of working together are reimagining how we collaborate and redefining what’s possible. In sport as in business, staying ahead of the competition means looking to the future.

“If you think about sport in the future, in 10 years’ time,” says Andy Harland, “it’s almost impossible to think about it without thinking about technology.”

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When Technology Wins

Technology is the key player in every business and without it we risk standing still

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