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What can business leaders learn from rugby?

This season Ricoh have set out to explore the business of rugby more closely through a series of videos and blogs. We want to take you on a fascinating journey deeper into the inner workings of your favourite Premiership Rugby clubs, identifying some of the latest business thinking, innovations and technology that is driving their success.

Premiership Rugby is on a rapid trajectory of change. Having turned professional in 1995 top clubs have evolved in the professional era.

Sport is big business. Whether it's football, Formula 1, boxing, or golf, the organisation behind the sport is vitally important.

In pursuit of success on the pitch, Premiership Rugby clubs have transformed into slick business operations where the cut and thrust in the boardroom is just as exciting as the action on the pitch.

From developing their grounds, to sourcing the best coaching teams and setting up academies to produce the best players, Premiership Rugby provides great inspiration and learning for business generally.

"What we're trying to do is make better players and give ourselves a better chance of winning. We need to create a progressive environment and the Ricoh technology allows us to be as efficient as we can with players. That means that they stay fresh, they improve and ultimately, it gives us a greater chance of winning at the weekend." - Toby Booth, First Team Coach at Bath Rugby Would you like to transform your business?

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"The transformation project that Ricoh has helped West Ham deliver is critical to the business and a significant catalyst for change. Staff have seen IT go from a poor relation into something that really works for them day-to-day. It has challenged thinking across the business. Before it was muddling along with an adequate IT service, now it's become an enabler for better, smarter and more productive working. Even now, we are continuing to unlock the true potential of the technologies as we continue to drive IT forwards." - Mike Bohndiek, Head of IT at West Ham United FC Want to improve productivity and efficiency?

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Latest Blogs

You've seen how the pros do it. Now learn real practical steps for implementing positive change and transformation in your business.

In a series of blogs we demonstrate how some of the techniques used by Premiership Rugby clubs can be equally effective for business.

Modern and successful clubs operate like businesses. They use data to their advantage, and evolve what they do using evidence-led insights.

They are always on the lookout for new technology that can either enhance what they do or give them a competitive edge. Just like Premiership Rugby clubs, businesses can also benefit in the same way.

"Our work with Ricoh is all about giving people the tools to collaborate." - The CBI

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